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Industry Solution

The success of a retail business is measured on how it reaches its customer and addressing the time based wants. Y-Axis recognizes that success in this sector is not just about establishing new business but about maintaining market share, loyalty and increasing service offerings. The retail industry is also witnessing many physical and technological changes leading to consolidations, restructuring and also reorganizing the way in which the business is conducted. The use of leading edge technology to accurately assess the requirements of the business, and efficiently and effectively implementing a solution is a critical part of building competitive advantage. Retailers need to run their IT systems more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Y-Axis helps provide cost effective solutions to the clients who have heterogeneous platforms that need integration to other systems and applications. Retaining customers is becoming more challenging. Demand for new goods is waning, even as competition and alternative channels proliferate. We can help clients explore proven alternatives to increase customer satisfaction and generate tangible economic value for your business.

By combining our industry knowledge, full range of skills and our expertise in the relevant technologies we help clients fulfill business opportunities and maximize their potential through:

  • Understanding and exploiting customer value through Customer Relationship Management solutions
  • Designing and implementing processes to manage and control the quality of systems delivered rapidly on leading edge technology
  • Implementing and operating solutions that test and monitor the satisfactory operation of self-service applications
  • Pressure to reduce costs, optimize resources and accelerate time to market.
  • Effective use and implementation of enterprise application for integrated all departments.
  • Meeting rising consumer expectations, understanding and increasing customer value.
  • Realizing benefits from the web
  • Providing innovative approaches to distributing and delivering products and services.