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Staff Augmentation


Y-Axis has extensive experience in exceeding client expectations in staff augmentation, through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, testing, and consultant management. Many of our clients regularly seek our advice when making changes to their internal IT staffing and vendor management programs. Over the years, we have formulated strategies, processes and in-house IT systems - enabling our sourcing engine to mature into one of the strongest engines in the US. We believe that one of the most critical factors in the successful execution of projects is the choice of people who are assigned to projects. In an effort to ensure that we hire the best talent for our clients and projects, we have built a strong sourcing team of over 50 experienced recruiters and sourcing specialists. Candidate sourcing and recruiting is the heart of the Y-Axis Staff Augmentation Division, and we take pride that over the years, we have implemented industry best practices in our recruiting division enabling us exceed performance metrics in the staffing industry.

Apart from having full-time dedicated recruiters at our headquarters in the U.S, we have built a large recruiting base, at our back office centers in India. All resource requirements, after being processed by the U.S team, are also passed onto the India team. Due to the time differential between India and the U.S, the recruiters in India get requirements in the morning (India time). They process the requirements till evening and send the processed requirements back to the U.S by end of their day, which is the next morning for the U.S team. This enables a virtual 24-hour processing turnaround; hence the response time to clients is very quick. Y-Axis has perfected this model and we have been successful in reducing client-response times, without compromising on the quality of resources. In our current recruiting model, all Internet-based and phone-based recruiting is conducted by Y-Axis recruiters in India, while our US-based recruiters focus on the ‘in-person' recruiting model of network recruiting - meeting consultants, niche and specific recruiting at conferences, seminars and related events, etc. This model has again helped Y-Axis reduce our overall operating costs, while creating an increased bandwidth and scalability, for the current and future.

Y-Axis is an IT-centric company, with robust and integrated IT systems that support our staffing operations end-to-end. Over the years, Y-Axis’s Business model for our Staff Augmentation business is built on strategic partnerships with large clients and focuses on becoming the top performing staffing supplier for each of these clients.